Garagulia and Victoria

True values are not material things at all, but only those that enlighten us, giving vitality and the desire to change the world around us. Happy is not the one who is rich, but only the one who is able to find his destiny and path in life and radiate positive things to the external world! If we posses deep confusion in the soul then the world will return it to us, but if we grow love, the universe will bring happiness… To all Happiness and Goodness! Victoria

Politics through the eyes of a psychiatrist


We thank you for visiting our website! We hope that the interest you have to its name will be fully satisfied with the information you will find on its pages. If you want to share your thoughts, we will be happy to listen to them and discuss them on line.

The main idea of our site is to discover the creative potential of each personality of the Earth ‘s world, if  person WANTS to realize his abilities. The true values which are given to us from our birth remain unclaimed and unsolved for many people. We hope that the information of our site will form the basis of your new behavioural program which will be able of leading you on new level of thinking, creation and quality of life.

The informational influence of this site is revealed over the time and possesses positive impact. Nowadays mankind is able to destroy itself 16 times and the negative potential, unfortunately, outweighs the positive potential.  We understand the nature of human, and we want to present formula of building the human soul and to give possibility to each individual to realize the acquired knowledge in their lives. According to our deepest conviction, the human soul is the true value for a sake of which we appeared on EARTH!


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