If after  gotten information on this site you have any interest to communicate with author  of this site and to discuss your personal problems or to apply with concrete question for solution  of any kind of psychological problems, you can do it by the phone +3 8 099 1764868 (Viber, Whats App). Doctor will be able to give you his time and to help you to cope with your problems.  Confidentiality of communication is guaranteed.  Sometimes we need to admit that there are some problems which  can not  be resolved without professional assistance.  Doctor will be able to give you help in any kid of problems, psychological complications,  also will help to get rid of of alchol,  drug, gambling addictions and all other kinds of addictions.


+3 8 099 1764868 (Viber, Whats App) – Garagulia Nikolay Viktorovich

Also you can order video consultation at definite time, having sent us application pointing out approximate time of communication. We will contact you in the nearest time.

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