Psychological pressure (what is it psychological pressure)

The main purpose of our message is to convey to the interested audience the definition of (psychological pressure). We believe that this is quite important in modern conditions, when the term of “psychological pressure” is widely used in various aspects of human relations, but there is still no clear definition, so everyone puts their own vision into this concept, which is sometimes diametrically opposite. It is very important to understand what psychological pressure is and what does this term means from the point of jurisprudence and how it  takes place in every day human relations.

So well, from our point of view “psychological pressure is a method of consciously influencing of one person (or group of individuals) on another person or (group of individuals) avoiding physical violence. In order to change the behavior of a person (group of people) in the right direction for the person who makes this impact.

There are a wide variety of ways to influence upon a person, ranging from banal threats by the phone or under direct communication face to face and ending with deployed information companies with a multi-million dollar budget. We can even attribute election campaigning to psychological pressure and no matter what kind of good intentions future politicians can use. Therefore, any human living in a conditions of modern society is regularly subjected to psychological pressure, which can carry as positive and as negative potential. In particular, the process of raising a child is necessarily connected with psychological pressure on him or her with the purpose of accepting the rules of society in which the child will be realizing his abilities and opportunities. This is an example with positive potential of psychological pressure. However, in most cases the term psychological pressure is used with negative potential, because people have definite stereotype of thinking and perception of this term (especially in the legal environment) it provides negative impact on the person. From our point of view, a person who is under the influence of psychological pressure, sometimes, may not realize this, which leads to the inability to realize his potential and develop the positive abilities laid down in himself. As a specialist, I have repeatedly observed the psychological pressure of parents upon own children, up to the destruction of children’s families and the formation of various kinds of neurotic disorders. Also I met situation which can be opposite when kids make psychological pressure upon their parents, with the same consequences.

The main component of psychological pressure is an informational impact upon human emotions. The more emotions a person spends on the perception of a particular information message, the faster his or her behavior will change in the right direction. Strong emotions of fear, joy, curiosity, sexual attraction underlie in the motives of our behavior. This fact is understood by those who exert psychological pressure and consequently it bears a very strong emotional color.

Understanding the nature of psychological pressure leads to the formation of methods of protection against it. The defense is based on the fact of recognition of psychological pressure on person.  It is necessary to adopt other methods of defense against psychological pressure.  Psychological pressure involves a wide variety of methods of influence, there can also be a variety of methods of defense, from banal amulets to large information companies on the Internet using bots and various Internet mechanisms. I every concrete case it is necessary to review the situation and only then to take an adequate protection measures. The best way  to do it is only with a specialist who has all the necessary knowledge in the field. Prolonged negative effects of psychological pressure can lead to serious health problems, as on the body level and as on the soul level. Not in vain, psychotherapists recognize the fact that at least 30 percent of patients visiting a therapist have so-called psychogeny (the result of negative psychological pressure). Conscious negative prolonged psychological pressure on a person can lead to his suicidal actions. Therefore, the consequences of psychological pressure on the individual cannot be underestimated and comprehensive preventive work in society, including the work of medical, pedagogical, law enforcement bodies, aimed at previously identifying the facts of psychological pressure, must be carried out on time. Such Organizations as the “blue whale” will not take the lives of our teenagers and to destroy the foundations of our society.

I have been working with people more than 38 year and I understand as nobody else the meaning of psychological pressure in society. By this article I would like to attract attention to this problem because people should realize the value of own soul and could defend it from different negative influences directed on them because such influences leads to complete destroy of the best human qualities. I will be thankful for your reviews and constructive criticism.