School of Psychological Self-Protection

We can offer you information that will allow you to learn how to protect properly your soul from negative flows of information. This information is based on the theory of the construction of the soul, which gives the possibility to consider the person, in the first turn, as an information and then as a biological object. However, it is necessary to use this information skilfully and the basis of skilful use is my long-term psycho-therapeutic experience.

Psychological self-protection will allow you to avoid traps such as chemical and psychological dependencies, including unhappy love, various sects and other types of psychological dependencies. You are able to find a way out of any life critical situations on your own possesing correct information.  You will learn how to think positively, in spite of opened or hidden factors of pressures on you.

We wish you strong psychological health, which will help you to improve your quality of life and spiritual realization.