In the beginning of this article, I would like to justify the relevance of the problem of psychological self-protection for everyone who is living in the modern informational world.

It is not a secret that the amount of information which are passed through a person in modern times is completely different from the amount of information that people could receive 30 or 40 years ago. Enter in any public place like (public transport, public catering, medical institutions) and you will see that the majority of people are occupied with their smart phones only. People react less and less on reality and give more and more attention and energy to the absorption of information that supplies completely artificial environment. At the same time, most of people even do not suspect about the danger that artificial information carries to them. In this article, we decided to express our professional vision of this problem giving possibility to everyone who read this article to look a little bit more critically on information about virtual dependence.

The main thing in any problem that prevents a person from normal living is the UNDERSTANDING of the existence of this problem. Great psychiatrist Freud said: “The problem named aloudly is 50 percent losing its actuality”. Therefore, understanding of the problem is a key mechanism for triggering protection against inconvenience. We are forced to say that not all people with problems of informational interventions are ready to defend themselves against them, since informational dependence is one of the most malicious types of psychological dependence. So well, we approached to the main thing such as notion of psychological and informational dependence. In our opinion in the 1950s of previous centure, the German psychiatrist Zutt gave the most universal definition of dependence. He said: “If a means designed to achieve definite purpose stops to serve to this purpose, but becomes a self-purpose it is a drug by itself. Even our daily work can become such a drug.” Such new term as “workaholics” appeared duty him. People who spend a long time in social networks and concentrate on all sorts of views and virtual likes, in fact, become informationally dependent with all negative consequences of this dependence. In our school of psychological self-defense, we pay special attention to dependence from social networks and teach to defend against of any other types of psychological dependence. The main vector in the activities of our school is the movement towards the change of the human personality with the obligatory of recognition of the fact that the personality has two principles – the body and the soul (psyhos). There are a lot of information is written about human body and human soul but there is no exact definition what human SOUL is. That it is why, we are forced to give an accurate and clear, and unambiguous definition of a human soul. In the process of studying at our school, we disclose the basic laws of its construction. I put in this definition all my 38 years of experience in psychiatry and psychotherapy and I did deep analysis of the scientific, philosophical and religious literature. I even analyzed magic literature with the extraction of a rational beginning from it. The obtained information has already been widely used by us over the past 20 years and it provides an opportunity for people who seeks for help to overcome the negative factors of the influence of the information environment on the personality.

Psychological self-defense is especially relevant in our society, which is rapidly and ambiguously developing, requiring from people increased demands for psychological resistance from negative factors such as (financial and demographic crises, economic recession, COVID19, diverse political parties of all colors and plumage with their fantastic promises). Those who can not cope with negative psychological pressure have a great risk of being not only in the zone of not comfortable life, but also can become patients of specialized psychiatric institutions. The pandemic of coronavirus appears much less dangerous than the pandemic of mental disorders, and especially if these disorders are manifested in the ruling elite of society. Since a pandemic can take the lives of a limited number of people but the mental disorders of the elite have already led to 50 millions of victims in human history (World War II). In the case of our country, it can lead to the collapse of society.

That is why, in our opinion, the foundations of psychological self-defense must be taught from the first grades of school or even earlier. Since the next generation of people will have to live not just in a modified informational environment, but in conditions of gradual capture of this environment by artificial intelligence.

In our next article we will talk about factor of influence of artificial intelligence on informational environment and on human personality. Follow our publications.