The Author of this site is Harahulia

The Author of this site is Harahulia Nikolai Viktorovich.  He was born in 1959 in a family of doctors on the border of two countries – Ukraine and Russia. Now these two countries are divided by border.

In fact,  he was familiar with medicine since his birth,

because he was growing and developing in a medical environment. He visited

night duties at the hospital with his parents and took an active part in social life of that country (USSR). He graduated from the secondary school in Poltava, but, he entered the Kharkov Medical Institute,having decided to follow family traditions.His parents also graduated from Kharkov medical institute. Since the second year of study he was seriously interested by

Psychiatry because he always wanted to treat the pilot  but not to serve a plane. In 1982 he graduated Kharkov Medical University with honours diploma and started to work as psychiatrist and narcologist. He organized and headed drug treatment  service on Southern Railway. During the period 1994-1996 he was the chief specialist of Drug Treatment Service of all Southern railway station. He always paid attention to scientific

researches since student times. Since 1994 has formulated the basic principles of the construction of the human soul and defined the concept of the human soul. He made public presentations on these topics at conferences and symposia. He worked as a psychiatrist in specialized psycho neurological hospital within 8 years. Doctor Harahulia pays great attention to issues of psychotherapy and has a specialization in psychotherapy. Since 2015 participates in psychotherapeutic rehabilitation of soldiers who returns from zone of war actions in the East of Ukraine. Doctor Harahulia developed several methods of treatment and rehabilitation  for dependent patients from any form of dependence such as chemical, game, adrenal dependence, including unshared love. Successful work with people gave great motivation to share with accumulated information about the nature of human soul and also to give a clear definition of the concept of human soul. We have no concrete definition of human soul in modern society. Any  movement ahead in evolutionary process goes out as a spiral motion and on the every next turn of which, we discover completely new qualities of a long-known phenomenon. I will be glad to share my knowledge with you!